Mutual Expectations – A Charter For Parents And Local Authority Children’s Services

This Charter(1) aims to promote effective, mutually respectful partnership working between practitioners and families when children are subject to statutory intervention. Such intervention can involve child welfare and family justice, mental health, education and youth justice systems.

This Charter is written for parents,(2) local authorities and their partner agencies and those working for them.

The Charter has been developed by parents and practitioners, as part of the work of Your Family, Your Voice Alliance: An Alliance of families(3) and professionals working together to transform the system. We would like to thank Lankelly Chase for funding this work and all involved for their time, expertise and goodwill in developing this Charter.(4). Download the charter here.

The key themes of the Charter

1. Respect and honesty
2. Information sharing
3. Support
4. Participation
5. Communication

Watch our Mutual Expectations film on YouTube here.

1. The principles of the charter are in accordance with the Code of Ethics of Social Work BASW
2. The word parents in this charter includes parents, any other people with parental responsibility for the child or who care for him or her. This includes kinship carers.
4. We would particularly like to thank members of FRG’s parents’ panel and all those practitioners and family members of Your Family, Your Voice for their work in developing this Charter.

Source: Family Rights Group

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