PAR survey of parents: What parents told us, and why it matters

This in-depth article discusses the results of our survey of parents’ experiences of child protection. It begins with what we already know. Parents are poorly served by existing child protection processes. Parents are not heard and judged, they feel threatened, and speak of feeling punished and harmed. We also know that these experiences give rise to anger and cynicism. Parents, especially mothers, feel their identity questioned and undermined. Suspicion of parents is endemic. ‘Us and them’ is a regular refrain relating to parents and social workers.

The survey results echo this existing knowledge. In addition, analysis of the survey results has brought to light less discussed consequences of child protection.

These include the debilitating challenges of trying to maintain contact with a child or children in care, the frequency of misunderstanding ADHD, Autism and Associated Conditions, and the sheer depths of despair, helplessness, hopelessness and resignation felt by parents in child protection. Also revealed is how being involved in child protection processes has a wider ripple effect that negatively impacts on other family members, results in the loss of jobs, social isolation from friends and neighbours and breakdown of relationships with services such as schools.

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